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XL 495 x 240cm 

L 300 x 150cm 

M 187.5 x 150cm 

S 120 x 120cm 

XS 79 x 60.5cm 

In April, 2021, a severe drought occurred in Taiwan over the past sixty years, which led to the following regional water rationing nationwide. Nevertheless, a disused salt field in Cigu, Tainan, appeared as a nature wonder, which stunned my first visit there. Immediately, with an impulse to create something based on the project Yuanmao, I led a professional aerial photography group, one week later, to embody my ideas. By flying a 50-million-pixel camera equipped with a telephoto lens, set at a height of 90 meters high, I took pictures of the landscape from above as a scanner. Then, after post-processing 430 files toughly for four months, I came with the file with 5.6 billion pixels, with each one reaching up to 90.52 GB. Finally, from this giant spliced file, I enlarged some of them into 140 works with different sizes and proportions. 

God’s Canvas



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